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Joseph Michetti™
Keeping It Real™


Joseph Michetti is a graduate of the School of Industrial Arts in Manhattan. Although he studied advertising art, he is a self-taught oil painter in the main. Joseph considers himself a contemporary realist, using smallest brushes combined with time and a lot of patience; sometimes taking four months to create one of his rich, hyper-realistic paintings.


His art usually includes sunlight and shadows, vibrant colors against dark and reflections. He enjoys painting gleaming chrome, crystal and glass. Joseph Michetti uses the best canvasses and the finest oils, creating paintings to last hundreds of years. Perhaps his ancestor, Francesco Paolo Michetti (1851 - 1929), a famous Italian painter, inspired his passion of art, desire to be an artist. 


Joseph Michetti and his art have appeared on L.I. News 12 Television and Manhattan's Cable. His work has been featured on the cover of Dan's Papers, Sunshine Artist Magazine, and the Artists Magazine. His hyper-realistic work has been highly praised in both the NY Times Art Review and Newsday.  


Super-detailed, Joseph's - very much sought after-paintings have been reproduced by Sunflower Fine Art as collectable:limited edition, artist hand signed, numbered and embellished (over-painted) archival giclees on artist grade canvas. As close to the original as you can get.